About Me

It all started because I wanted one…

Hi Everyone. My name is Stuart, and I have a problem.

Everyone: “Hi, Stuart!”

It all started because I wanted one…I wanted a vacuum sealer. I hated throwing away food. It made me feel guilty, and that I was just throwing money into the garbage can needlessly. Every single time I had to throw out left overs or produce I groaned. My problem is that I tend to obsess over things, and I especially obsess over them when I am about to make a purchase, pouring over every detail and nuance. I read every question, every review, watch every video (Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating. Often I will find myself well past page 50 in Google search results). I hate not getting the best. Designed obsolescence drives me crazy, so quality is really important to me. I collected a lot of knowledge about vacuum sealers while finding the perfect one for me.

So I decided to share my knowledge with everyone. I hope my research helps your decision easy.

There are some other cool uses for a Vacuum Sealer that I just didn’t know about before taking this journey. Sous Vide, chief among them. It’s my favorite accidental discovery, and I think it is the most important kitchen discovery since fire. I’ve also used my sealer to protect documents, organize small parts, and in hiking and camping to keep matches dry and minimize the size of my food in my pack. I’ve even vacuum sealed some clothing just for fun.

I think people would expect to find a picture of a smiling man in this section, but I’ll save you from seeing my ugly mug ?

Click here to read my buyer’s guide for out of chamber sealers.

Click here to read my buyer’s guide for chamber sealers.