Let’s talk about PolyScience for a little bit here. In 2014 they sold their culinary division to Breville, so it is now known as Breville PolyScience. I’m just going to refer to them as PolyScience though.

I think PolyScience are awesome innovators and produce high quality equipment. Their antigriddle is awesome and shows up on FoodNetwork shows constantly. However…for your average home cook, buying PolyScience is going a bit overboard.

Their cheapest Sous Vide option is $250 and has no fancy features of note. In comparison, a Joule, which is an amazing Sous Vide circulator is $200 and is Wifi enabled.

They carry an out of chamber vacuum sealer, which also has nothing that makes it noteworthy and costs at the time of this writing $155. FoodSavers have all of the same features and look better to boot, and are generally much less expensive (unless you are going for the Game Saver Titanium)

I can’t knock their Chamber Vacuum sealer though, the thing is a veritable bomb shelter at 55 lbs. I just wish it was easy to get replacement parts. That is my main gripe with PolyScience. If I am going to spend a lot on your products and your reputation, I better be able to maintain my investment. There’s literally nothing on their website about service or parts. You have to hunt, and the only thing I found concerning parts is on the contact form on their website. Which means you need to fill out a stupid form and hope that they have the part.

Because of this, I can’t say you should buy a PolyScience product. I am not saying you will be dissatisfied with one if you do decide to purchase, and I do own some of their products that I love. I just can’t put my own reputation on the line when they don’t offer great support.