VacMaster Error Codes

VacMaster Error Codes

VacMaster E01 or E02 Error

So you just bought a shiny new VacMaster Vacuum Sealer, only to find that it isn’t working as expected and displaying E01 or E02. In this quick article I will take the mystery out of the VacMaster error codes and help you fix them.

VacMaster Error Code E01

An error code of E01 means that  the vacuum sealer cannot achieve the preset vacuum level.

This is usually due to failing seals around the vacuum chamber (this applies to both chamber sealers and out of chamber sealers).

Troubleshooting steps for error code E01

  •  Open the lid and inspect the seals around the chamber. Run your finger along them. You will be feeling for any hard spots, cracks, or gaps.
  •  Try to close and hold down the lid during the vacuum cycle. If it seals when doing this, you almost certainly need to replace the gasket seals.

A chamber sealer gasket

  • Ensure the open end of the bag is across the seal bar and within the gasket area.
  • Make sure the bag is flat across the seal bar. Eliminate any wrinkles or folds.
  • Make sure the foam gasket is clean and not damaged.
  • When using the Accessory or Marinate feature, make sure the hose is securely attached, the lid knob is set to “Vacuum” and the lid is on the canister properly.

VacMaster Error Code E02

An Error code of E02 means that the vacuum sealer will not enter the sealing mode. This is either due to a safety concern or a sealer bar issue.

Troubleshooting Error code E02

  • The lid must be in the closed position during the vacuum and sealing cycle. If your lid IS closed and you are still getting this message make sure that the bag does not have any wrinkles and is laying completely flat, there should be no liquid or food along the spot that will be sealed.
  • If your bag is laying completely flat and you are still getting the E02 error, inspect the lid. There is a little plastic prong along the top that gets pressed into a switch on the body of the unit itself that indicates to the sealer that the lid is closed and it is safe to activate the heat strip. If yours has broken off you can still trick your machine into working while ARY sends you a new one (if still covered by warranty). You can do this by folding a small piece of paper into a wedge and pushing it into the hole to activate the switch.
  • Next inspect the sealing bar itself by gently removing it from the piston rods that it rests on. Make sure the rods are not bent or dirty. Unplug the machine and clean them with a damp cloth if they are. Next, look at the underside of the seal bar. Is there anything blocking the contact of the piston rods with the heating element? Are the wires within the seal bar intact or are they broken? If they are broken a complete circuit cannot be made and thus it will not heat up. You can use a Multimeter set on continuity to test for a complete circuit by putting a probe into each of the holes where the piston rods go. If you don’t hear a beep (like when you touch the two leads together while in continuity mode) you know you need to buy a new sealer bar. If your machine is still new, contact ARY to have them send you a replacement.

The underside of a seal seal bar

In the above picture we can see there is a broken circuit (lack of continuity). The left side does not look the same as the right. See below, I’ve circled it to make it easier to tell.
You can see the clip like a piece of metal on the left side does not look like the right side, since the right side is broken.

  • If the bag is not sealing properly:
    a. Push and hold down the lid during the vacuum cycle.
    b. Increase or decrease the Seal Time. A positive seal will look clear. If the seal is spotty, incomplete, wrinkled, white or milky, cut the seal and restart the sealing process.
    c. When vacuum packaging moist / wet foods, create a second seal above the first seal to ensure a sufficient seal.

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