What is the best vacuum sealer for home use?

What is the best vacuum sealer for home use?

If you’re looking for the best commercial vacuum sealer for home use, the vacmaster vp112s is the perfect choice for you. The vacmaster vp112s is the designed, new version of the VP112. The company VacMaster introduced this in 2016. However, 112 had quality issues but in 112S, all of them got addressed. The older version had one port for all the accessory containers of vacuum sealing. However, this new version doesn’t have this port. The vacmaster vp112s chamber sealer is lightweight and small. It can even fit under a cupboard.

All its features are like the ones of heavier and bigger chamber vacuums. That includes a pump that’s free of maintenance, a marinade function and an adjustable setting. The vacmaster vp112s parts include a sealing bar which is 12 inches and a 12×14 inch max bag. It also contains a chamber that is much larger than all other chamber vacuums on the market. Overall, the vacmaster chamber vp112s vacuum sealer is the ideal choice as it has all features similar to a commercial chamber vacuum.

Features of the vacmaster vp112s:

  • It’s perfect for home use and is specifically designed for that purpose. It’s lighter than most chamber vacuums and the lid is hinged. That helps to fully open the bag carefully even when it’s kept under cabinets.
  • The sealing bar is much longer
  • It’s lightweight and as compared to the older version is more than 23, lbs lighter.
  • The height is 14 inches and it still opens fully under a cupboard.
  • The vacuum time is adjustable
  • The two-cylinder 460 watts piston pump is free of maintenance.
  • The seal bar can easily be removed and it’s 12 inches.
  • The seal is extra-wide (4mm).
  • Its polycarbonate lid gives a full-view.
  • You can do repetitive sealing and you’ll need no or fewer cooling down periods.
  • The rounded chamber is easy to clean. There is no space in which the gunk of liquid can get stuck.
  • The chamber is 5 inches tall and that’s why it lets you seal smaller and pint mason jars.
  • The steel body is brushed and stainless.
  • The sealing time is adjustable.
  • It has a display panel that is a digital one.
  • It also has a marinade function to add a deep flavour infusion.

With this vacmaster vp112s, you can:

  • Turn the switch off and on.
  • Stop and start the vacuuming process.
  • Set the level of the vacuum.
  • Set your seal time.
  • You can stop the process of vacuuming at any time you want.
  • You can set the marinate time.

If there are any complications, don’t worry about it. The vacmaster vp112s manual will assist you while setting it all up. Once you’ve done that, you can alter the setting any way you want but it’s very rare that you’ll have to change them again.

vacmaster vp112s

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Here’s how to seal bags using the vacmaster vp112s:

  • Keep the bag inside the chamber.
  • Close it’s lid.
  • Press the start button.

Once the settings are the way you want, the chamber vacuum will work exactly the way it looks.

vacmaster vp112s troubleshooting:

  1. If it’s not turning on:
  • Ensure that you have plugged it in a grounded outlet.
  • Ensure that the outlet is properly working.
  • Keep checking the power cord for frays or tears.
  • Keep checking the fuse that’s located in the power cord’s connecting outlet.
  1. If you come across the error code inside the display:

Error E01:

  • It means that the vacuum isn’t being able to achieve an adequate vacuum level.
  • Hold and close the lid amidst the vacuum cycle.
  • Ensure that the chamber gasket isn’t damaged and it’s clean.

Error 202:

  • It’s not entering the sealing mode.
  • The lid is in a closed position amidst the sealing and vacuum cycle.
  • To get rid of these error codes, turn the machine off and after a moment turn it on.
  1. The pouch isn’t properly sealing:
  • During the vacuum cycle, hold it down and push the lid.
  • Decrease or increase the seal timer. A positive seal looks clearer. If your seal is incomplete, spotty, milky, white or wrinkled, cut your seal and restart the process of sealing.
  • When the packaging contains wet/moist foods, create another seal on top of the first one to ensure that there is a positive seal.
  • You can use the VacMaster for the perfect results.
  1. If the vacuum gets misplaced from the pouch of the chamber:
  • Check to see if there are any puncture holes inside the pouch.
  • To protect it from the edges of a sharp item, cover it with another package inside a new pouch.
  • Adjust and check the seal time and placement.

For now, the vacmaster vp112s is discontinued. That’s not because of lack of quality but some changes that had to be made to the file. This vacmaster vp112s discontinued was definitely worth buying and as soon as it becomes available, you should give it a chance.