Anova Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

Anova vacuum sealer is a food preserver and better than many other vacuum sealers in the market. It works on upgraded vacuum technology. First, it will suck out all the air and then use heat from an airtight seal on the bag. All this procedure helps in preserving food for a long time. Furthermore, it’s hard to save the small leftover portions of the food, but Anova smart technology helps seal the smaller meal sizes to store in your freezer.

What is an Anova Vacuum sealer?

Anova Vacuum sealer claims to provide you with a wide range of features. Whether you need a sealer for sous to vide cooking or looking out for a complete food storage solution, the Anova Precision sealer ensures all of it. There is less risk of seal bag opening during cooking or when it is kept in a freezer.

There are no risks of floating bags, and every time you open the bag, you may get fresh, tasty food. The machine is smooth and easy to use; you can use it right after taking it out of the box. All you need a single button touch to seal any bag. Several additional features like a pulse for more control over a seal, air extraction or individual sealing ends of the pack whether you are pulling air out or not.

Here in this article, you will find the Anova Vacuum Sealer review in detail. Let’s get started:


The first thing that attracts anyone is design. The Anova Vacuum is robust and sleek in design. The width makes it perfect for medium size food storage bag. The material of construction is plastic, and the Pro sealer is available in elegant black color. It is the smallest vacuum sealer you will ever found in the market. The compact and smooth design will make it fit at any corner of the house.

The Vacuum sealer comes with bags, and the quality of bags is way better than many other vacuum sealers available. Unfortunately, there is no storage chamber for plastic rolls in the machine itself. So if you are looking for something smart enough to safe space by storing it is not the one.

Plus points, the quality of Anova Vacuum sealer bags are way better than competitors. Minus point – it does not have any storage place for the cord.


A vacuum sealer is an excellent choice to seal the bags – no air will enter during sous vide cook. The food will stay fully submerged while you cook and pack the maximum flavor. It can store, seal, store and freeze the food only instantly. You can select the desired temperature and seal the food items, and vacuum seal with a single press of a button. It might take around 20 to 22 seconds to suck out air and seal the vacuum bag correctly.

Plus point you can cook efficiently with the help of a Vacuum Sealer. Unfortunately, the small size is not enough to save food in large portions.


Anova vacuum sealerAnova Vacuum sealer Review has easy-to-use control features. There are three buttons on the control Panel; the first one is Vacuum and Seal, the Second is Seal, and the last one is the Pulse Vacuum. There are no other buttons like moist/dry options. It means it provides the same vacuum seal to all types of food.

Here is how all buttons work:

  • The vacuum and seal button will vacuum first and then seal the bag in one step. The seal only button can be used with a roll where you want to seal one side first to close the bottom of the bag quickly. At last, there is a pulse vacuum button that allows you to control the vacuum level yourself. You may vacuum the air as much as you want manually from the bag and then press the seal button to seal it properly. All of these buttons provide you with convenient and efficient sealing features.

What’s different between a Food saver and Anova Vacuum Sealer?

If you are looking for some Anova Vacuum sealer Vs. Food savers feature then here it is

In my opinion, Anova is not just a food savor; it is Sous vide cooking too. You can cook and save both with the vacuum sealer. On the other hand, a Food saver is suitable only for keeping food safe in the fridge or freezer for long times.

Anova Vacuum Sealer accessories:

Here is the list of Anova Vacuum Sealer accessories that come in a box:

  • Anova Vacuum Sealer
  • Vacuum Sealer bags – 10
  • Anova Vacuum Sealer Manuals 

Plus point it is a smart starter kit for beginners. You can consult manuals for Anova Vacuum Sealer not working troubleshooting. Minus point about the manual is Anova Vacuum sealer directions are more in pictures than words.


The Anova Vacuum Sealer has a medium price range and it is worth every single penny! A food saver sealer is available in under 60 to 70 $ and regarding its features of sour vide cook, and sleek design justify the price. The best price is 79.99 $ online on Amazon.

Easy to clean – drip tray:

Anova Vacuum Sealer is easy to clean – it has a drip tray feature to clean it with convenience.

How to Use:

Here is Anova Vacuum Sealer how to use instructions:

  • Open the sealer and put the bag inside.
  • Make sure it is not obstructing the sealer.
  • Close the lid and press the required buttons. You can choose an option between vacuum/Seal, Seal and Pulse Vacuum. There is no cancellation button.
  • Your bag is sealed in a few seconds.

Features and recommendations

Based on the reviews, here are a few features I like and a few features that need to get better at Anova Vacuum Sealer.

NutriChef Vacuum sealerI like:

  • It is not just a Food saver vacuum – the vacuum sealer ensures no air is left in the bag during sous vide cooking, and food will stay submerged while cooking. It also keeps food safe in the refrigerator and freezer too with its food saving features.
  • Sleek and small smart design will make it fit in any corner of the kitchen.
  • Operating Anova Vacuum sealer is easy and smooth. The accessories make it a perfect companion for both cooking and preserving with the help of just one button.
  • Separate air pulse features help in easy operating. You can choose among three options; Vacuum & Seal, Seal and air Pulse as per your requirement.
  • The Vacuum Sealer is designed with five-year research. The construction includes high-quality plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to control. If you are not satisfied, the brand offers 100-day money-back guarantees.
  • The sealing process is smooth and fast.
  • The Anova Vacuum Sealer bags are robust in quality.
  • Easy to clean with the help of a drip tray

Anova Vacuum Sealer

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Need to be better

  • Only suitable for medium and small bags.
  • There are no storage options for bags or rolls.
  • There are no cancellation options.
  • Manual Instructions are more in images than words.
  • No storage place for the cord
  • Limited selection option

Let’s put it together:

Anova Vacuum sealer is overall a good choice for home owners who love to sous vide cooking. Moreover, it also provides efficient sealing to store foods. If you are looking for something sleek and small, then Anova Vacuum Sealer is an incredibly economical choice for you.