Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

Are you looking for a decent vacuum sealer that has soft touch? If you are nodding in yes, then Nutrichef can be your choice. I have compared several vacuum sealers, and overall, NutriChef PKVS18BK proved itself as top on the list. The sealer provides you with lots of features like plenty of pump control that removes air from the bag without any extra compression. Moreover, the product is user-friendly to operate. It offers tight sealing while pulling more than the average vacuum. In short NutriChef looks like it provides graceful performance and an inexpensive choice.

How NutriChef Vacuum sealer works?

The NutriChef Vacuum sealing preserves food by blocking the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus in the bag. All these factors spoil the taste, appearance, texture and make them poisonous sometimes. You may have storage boxes that help organize foods, but they take lots of space in the refrigerator, and you will have lumps of a frozen block.

NutriChef Sealer Vacuum bags help to save food smartly, and there will be lots of space for other items. It is an Ideal Choice for baby foods and dieting meals. Cook them, seal them and place them in the refrigerator. The Vacuum sealer is the right choice for working parents with little time on hand.

The Vacuum sealer is light in weight and sleek in a design you can keep over the shelf and use. The sealer is stain-resistant and easy to clean and wipe. You can seal and reseal many food and drinking beverages like reseal wine or vinegar bottle with ease. It comes with a starter kit that includes wine cork. You can save your expensive bottle of wine and drink whenever you want.

In this article, we will review all the Sealer features and help you decide whether or not it is a good choice for your home.

Sealing performance:

First of all, we evaluated the sealing process on different types of foods and how many numbers of bags it can seal in a row. Also, I analyzed the melted area making the seal and whether the bag changed the pressure when you seal it manually. It worked surprisingly well and way better than other vacuum sealers like Amazon vacuum sealer and Muller Vacuum sealer.

NutriChef vacuum sealer bags keep them seal in a better way. It packed beef patty, a cup of dry rice, and sausage links in less than a few seconds. But machines might take time when you are sealing more significant items like slices of bread. The average time of sealing is around 30 seconds, but it took more than 35 seconds.

Unfortunately, it did not perform well on the volume test, and it also gave an average performance on the row sealing process. It is limited to five bags sealing in a row before requiring a break. However, it vacuumed the good quality heat on the same level for every load.

Cooking has become more comfortable with the help of NutriChef vacuum sealer. If you are a working woman and cook food for a week, you might know how hard it is to keep them safe and nutritious. With the help of NutriChef, you can keep your cooked items in the refrigerator five times more than before.

NutriChef Vacuum sealer

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NutriChef Vacuum sealer accessories:

The Sealer packages all the essentials for beginners. It is a good starter kit. Other than vacuum sealer, it contains:

    • Wine stopper Coke – 5<
    • Medium NutriChef vacuum Sealer bags – 5 of 78” x 118.”
    • It also has one Extra-long vacuum bag.
    • All these bags are reusable and waterproof, thus, a complete bundle of cooking necessities

Convenient or not convenient:

After sealing performance, it is time to check its convenience features. The NutriChef vacuum sealers are convenient to use. The design is compact, and it is one of the lightest models among many other sealers available in the market. It has a locking lid, and it has a pump that helps contain items like a wine bottle. It does not have any place to store roll bags within the sealer. Also, it does not have any onboard tool to cut them. Furthermore, it does not contain any drip tray, which makes cleaning difficult.

Delicate food handling:

It is super easy to control the vacuum amount with the vacuum sealer. You have complete control of the vacuum level, and two buttons are a solution for all the vacuum problems. You can switch between Seal/Vac button and the Cancel button to put some air in and letting extra air out when necessary. It is a feasible option for white bread without smashing it in the bag. The NutriChef vacuum sealer has excellent suction properties.


The NutriChef vacuum sealer is an affordable and inexpensive choice.

Pros and Cons:

Based on the above NutriChef vacuum sealer review, here are a few product pros and cons.


    • Light in weight
    • Easy to operate and reliable build
    • A perfect time and money-saving gadget for your kitchen
    • The Vacuum sealer has two sealing modes, and you can use the one according to the food you want to save for the future.
    • It comes with a great starter kit for their prestigious customers.


  • Do not contain storage space for bags within the unit.
  • Not the right choice for sealing food products in a row.

How to Use Sealer:

Anova Vacuum sealer ReviewNutriChef Vacuum sealer proves to be user-friendly, and here is how to use NutriChef Vacuum sealer.

  • Take out a vacuum bag and put your food into it.
  • Put the opening of the bag into a vacuum chamber. Make sure that the bag does not cover the vacuum nozzle.
  • Now press the cover down and hold gently until you hear the click sound. The click sound indicated that hooks are locked. Now move to the next step.
  • Wait for few seconds and press the Release button. Now open the sealer and take out the sealed food.
  • The NutriChef vacuum sealer manual has detailed procedures on keeping and preserving items stored in the bags. Follow the NutriChef vacuum sealer instructions every time for the best results.
  • Not the right choice for sealing food products in a row.

NutriChef troubleshooting:

NutriChef is a reliable brand, and there are lower risks of its mal-functioning.

But still, you may face few issues like – if you find that the NutriChef vacuum sealer is not vacuuming, you can troubleshoot yourself before consulting the customer service. You may check

  • The power cord is tightly plugged. Check if the cable is damaged and also check the power outlet is working or not. Check that bag is placed correctly or not. Also, let it cool down for few minutes and keep the lid open to avoid overheating and burning.

If you find the air is still in the bag, check that:

  • Is there any hole in the bag?
  • The bag should be wrinkle-free; a wrinkle lets air stay in the bag.
  • Do not create seams manually; the bags come with a seam. A twisting bag might let air stay in the vacuum bag

If air reentered, then that means:

  • There was moisture with the food items.
  • There is a puncture in the bag.
  • The bag has wrinkled.

If you are facing other issues, contact customer services.

Let’s wrap it up:

Overall NutriChef Vacuum sealer is the right choice for your kitchen. It has some flaws, but it will remain part of your home for many years with cautious use. The NutriChef Vacuum sealer is available at Amazon @ 56.99 $. If you do not want your money sucked up in a vacuum sealer and enjoy fresh food every time you open the fridge – then NutriChef PKVS18BK can be your best friend for the next many years.