Handheld Vacuum Sealer

5 Best Handheld Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

Vacuum sealers are incredible food preservers for homemakers or chefs. In restaurants and Michigan star hotels, there are numerous big and bulky vacuum sealers present. Of course, they need extra speedy and efficient preservation features. But many of those vacuum sealers might not fit into many house kitchen counters. Homemakers are busy with their active daily lives, and they love anything which makes their life convenient and helps them work faster. Handheld vacuum sealer has made life easier particularly for homemakers.

COVID-19 has left many questions – it has changed our lifestyles. We are following protocols, and it is hard to move freely. Nobody knows what happens next – and vacuum sealers can help us preserve food for the worst possible scenario.

Coming back to positivity, a vacuum sealer helps in keeping leftovers after-party and save until next use. When it is hard for homemakers to balance office and home, a handheld vacuum sealer helps them preserve food for days and sometimes weeks.

With the help of a handheld vacuum sealer, you can even seal clothes and keep them in store for next year. Some people even save their documents using a vacuum sealer to protect them from deterioration.

In this article, we have compared five different handheld vacuum sealers so you can buy the one that suits your needs most. Here are the handheld vacuum sealer reviews for you:

1. MXBOL Vacuum Sealer Machine handheld:Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine

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The portable Automatic sealer is famous as a lightweight, portable vacuum sealer machine. We consider the best Sous Vide cook handheld vacuum sealer of 2021. The construction includes aluminum alloy, which is perfect for food preservation. It has powerful vacuum technology that sucks out air and quickly seals your food with convenience.

The vacuum seal bags are high quality and make them a perfect choice for Sous vide cook. It circulates the water at an ideal temperature, and you can enjoy fresh food. There is also a cooking clip that fixes the food bag easily. Handheld Vacuum Sealer bags also withstand high temperature, and you can use them in a microwave.

The Vacuum sealer can seal the medium and large size of bags conveniently. Once your sealer is charged, you are good to seal for more than 60 packs in a day. But it can only seal a couple of bags in a row.

The handheld vacuum sealer comes with bag clips that can hold the vacuum bags together to keep them in one place. The best thing we found it charge quickly and no wires involved.

Starter kit includes

  • Handheld vacuum sealer
  • Medium and large vacuum sealing bags – 5 each
  • Cooking and sealing clips – 6 each
  • Dust Receive bag and USB cord for charging – 1 each


  • Smart and lightweight
  • Good for sous vide cooking
  • Comes with Double vacuum Pump
  • It comes with a smart starter kit.
  • High-quality vacuum sealing bags.


  • Batteries degrade with time.
  • Not suitable for small bags.

2. Cuisinart handheld Vacuum sealer – cordlessCuisinart Cordless 4 in 1 Wine Opener,

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Cuisinart handheld vacuum sealer has 2 in 1 feature; it is a Wine opener and vacuum sealer that seal the bottles back to use whenever you want. If you’re going to use it as an opener, removes the coil of the bottle smoothly, use the built-in foil cutter and hold the Cuisinart handheld opener. The corkscrew will sense the cork and remove it and eject it in one action.

Now you can enjoy your drink as much you want and then seal it with the smart handheld vacuum sealer like it was first opened. The Cuisinart sealer is intelligent and elegant in design, construction is good quality, and it works on rechargeable batteries. Once your sealer is fully charged, you may use around 50 bottles with no fuss. The starter kits include a foil cutter, vacuum sealer and aerator, one each.


      • Cordless dual function handheld sealer
      • Compact and stylish design.
      • Ideal gift for wine experts./li>


      • Battery performance will degrade after some time.
      • Price is not budget-friendly.

3. ZWILLING Vacuum sealer Machine:
ZWILLING Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Machine

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After a review, we consider it the best handheld vacuum sealer for beginners. The handheld device removes air from bags fast and stores the food perfectly. It is small enough to stay away from drawers when you do not need them.

When looking for some smart and sleek solution for food preservation but not ready to spend on a spacious, bulky vacuum sealer, Zwilling proves to be your best choice. Zwilling Fresh and Save Vacuum sealer Machine is thin, compact and lightweight. It sticks in your hands where it should and works best with Zwilling plastic bags and glass containers.

The containers and bags are high quality 0 containers are oven proof without lid and also nestable. The containers’ design makes them perfect for long term food storage and even for small quantity items like leftovers or meal prep items. The suction and vacuum performance is fast and efficient.

We find that it only works on Zwilling accessories, so you have to rely on their starter kit items. Moreover, the containers are not big enough to store meats bulk cuts. Starter kit includes:


  • Glass or plastic container – 2
  • Vacuum bags small and medium – 2 each
  • Rechargeable batteries with charging Cable
  • Handheld vacuum sealer


  • Lightweight, smart, and sleek in design
  • Cordless vacuum sealer
  • Easy to store and easy to use


  • works with Zwilling products only.

4. Vesta Precision handheld vacuum sealer:
 Vacuum Sealer by Vesta Precision

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Vesta Precision handheld vacuum sealer is the best economical all-in-one handheld vacuum sealer. You can vacuum seal your bags or bottles in a matter of seconds. It has an ergonomic design and small size that makes it an ideal choice for kitchens, traveling or outdoor celebrations.


      • You can save food three times longer.
      • Seal the bags quick and fast in few seconds.
      • Take anywhere you cook.
      • It has a compact, ergonomic and portable design.


      • Batteries quality degrades with time.
      • It only works with large vacuum bags.

5. FoodSaver cordless Food Vacuum Sealer:
FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer

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It is the overall best FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealer in our list, which is available in the market. Now you can keep your food fresh and tasty for a long time with the help of the FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealer. It has a compact and stylish design. The looks make it quite bossy and graceful.

Many unique features make it different from others. It has a charging base that provides a strong charge while your kitchen counter will stay neat and cordless. The part that makes it quite interesting is that you can use any FoodSaver vacuum Zipper bags.

It will take 24 hours for full charging, and then you can seal more than 60 bags anytime you want. The product is so easy to use that you might not need to look for FoodSaver vacuum sealer how-to-use instructions.


  • It comes with a docking station and four quarter vacuum seal bags.
  • The charging base provides a cordless kitchen counter even when you are charging.
  • Fast and efficient vacuum sealer
  • Compatible with all types of FoodSaver vacuum bags and zipper bags
  • Powerful vacuum technology does not let air stay in the bag.


  • Battery charging takes consume much time.
Handheld Food vacuum sealer has made the life of homemakers easy and fast. Now you can save food without worrying about its taste and smell. The small compact design makes them fit anywhere in your kitchen cabinet or picnic baskets. Eats Healthy Stay healthy!