NESCO Vacuum Sealer

Nesco Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

When you are looking out for a way to keep your food fresh for a long time, vacuum sealers prove to be a big help. Sealers like NESO vacuum sealer VS-12 suck out the air from the plastic bags and keep your food fresh and nutritious. Once you seal the food in these vacuum bags, they will remain fresh for weeks instead of a couple of days. Snacks can go on for months, and frozen items can be kept in your freezer for years. It also helps you to buy the products in bulk. Considering the current COVID scenarios, storing food for a long time is safer and more convenient than before. Whenever you take out the bag, you may enjoy the food fresh and tasty like cooked right away.

There are various vacuum sealers available in the market which carries numerous features, and we find the NESCO VS-12 sealer at the top of the list. It is a budget-friendly choice, convenient to use, and there is much more. We evaluated the NESCO vacuum sealer and came up with the NESCO Vacuum sealer review, and here is what we found.

User-Friendly Performance:

NEXCO sealer has smooth operation features, and it can quickly seal pre-packed food and new vacuum bags. It has many features like a built-in bag roll compartment and a bag slicer. If you are buying a vacuum sealer for the first time or looking for something easy to operate, this sealer will prove to be fun and your best friend.

The Vacuum sealer has an efficient and sleek design that comes along with convenience. It is easy to carry and easy to operate as well. The size of the sealer is 18.3,’ and the width allows placement of big food bags without causing any trouble. Also, it ensures that the bag has been sealed correctly. The buttons are clearly labeled; roll compartment is spacious, making it easy to use and smooth to operate.

Construction and design:

The NESCO vacuum sealer is made of plastic (good quality), and it comes in a stylish and contemporary combination of black and silver. The silver area of the machine is plastic as opposed to stainless steel, as many devices are. The machine is heavy and oversized in size, so if you have a small counter or limited space, the NESCO vacuum sealer might not be the right choice.

There are different panels, like one that opens to the vacuum sealing part and one with a bag roll storage chamber. The panels open quickly from the front side of the gadget. On the other hand, the bag slicer is placed in the perfect place so you can pull a portion from the roll and cut it according to your required size. The NESCO Vacuum sealer allows you to create excellent airtight food sealing with efficiency.

You can choose from 3 sealing options Dry, Moist and double. It has a viewing lid which makes its design relatively modern and innovative.

Operating button features:

One of the significant features that make the device easy to use and straightforward is the easy use of its function buttons. NESCO Vacuum sealer has easy to operate precise controls like:

NESCO vacuum sealer

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Seal/Vacuum button:

The button seals the bag automatically, and once the air is out totally from the pack, you also have a button Seal only. The seal only button helps to skip the suction procedure and seal the bag instantly.

Another prominent feature on the device is Canister only – it works when you have the NESCO vacuum sealer hose attached. You may have to buy a hose and vacuum seal device separately. You can store wet foods like marinated items and stews in the NESCO sealer. Whenever you need to save damp food items, switch the Seal timer, and then switch over to the extended button. It will ensure the seal, and it will also firmly seal the strong and thicker bags properly. There is a cancel button that stops any function whenever pressed.

There is a button Vacuum/Seal and Seal only, which can be used together when you want to re-seal the packets of chips, cookies, cereals, or other baking ingredients like yeast, etc. First, you need to press Vacuum/Seal and then press Seal only. It will help avoid unnecessary suction function before the food gets damaged.

Spacious, handheld vacuum sealer:

NESCO food vacuum sealer includes many small but handy external features. It contains a built-in chamber for placing rolls for vacuum bags. You can unroll the required size then slice it with a cutter to create even and straight edges. It may be a small detail, but it makes your cutting and using bags easier. You do not need to go and find scissors every time you need to cut. Furthermore, a cord holder beneath this NESCO handheld vacuum sealer can coil and tuck the wire properly when you are not using the device.

Cleaning – Easy, Right?

The Vacuum sealer does not include any drip tray – A drip tray is a handy vacuum sealer accessory when liquid is pulled at the bag’s top with suction force. Suction force at the top can cause liquid overflow before seal application and results in a dirty machine. You can wipe the liquid from inside the device, but you may need a Q-tip to clean the vacuum’s nozzle.

When you are storing lots of raw materials cleaning the machine gets trickier. You may need damp cloth dish soap and a sponge. You may swab around the nozzle of the vacuum with the help of a Q-tip. You cannot soak or submerge the machine into the water.

Manual and instruction:

Using a Vacuum sealer is easy, but the company does not offer any NESCO Vacuum sealer Manual with the package. If you are looking for some specific NESCO Vacuum Sealer instruction or troubleshooting, you may contact customer service or search the internet.

Worthy Price:

NESCO vacuum sealer is medium in price, and with its remarkable features, it worth every single penny. You can control the temperature for delicate foods, store the sheets in roll-in, and cut as you desire. Online it is typically available for around 110$ – but on Amazon, you may find it at about 99.99$.

Pros and Cons:

Based on the features, here is the list of pros and cons of the device.


    • It is a durable Vacuum sealer that offers double line seals to provide extra strength.
    • Hand-free sealing feature with locked handles
    • Comes with Double vacuum Pump
    • You can choose between 3 sealing options – Dry, Moist, and double.
    • You can set your vacuum sealer between gentle or regular.


  • Cleaning is not an easy task.
  • There is no manual or instructions with the box.

NESCO Vacuum Sealer accessories:

Here is the list of items in the package of NESCO Vacuum Sealer accessories:

  • A Vacuum sealer machine
  • Sealer Roll – 1 of medium size 8.6″ x 9.”
  • Sealer Roll – 1 of large size 1″ x 11.”

Let’s wrap it up:

Whenever you are looking for some medium-price vacuum sealer to preserve your food NESCO Vacuum Sealer VS-12 will become a solution to all problems. It provides many modern benefits and best for those who are looking for maximum features in an economical price range.